Summaries are used to provide a high-level overview of a transcript.

To create a summary, you must first start a Summarization job by issuing a POST request to the/summarize endpoint (see Start Summary). The API call will return a job_name that you can use to check the status of the job. Once the job is complete, you can find the ID of the generated summary by performing a GET request to the /jobs/{job_name} endpoint (see Retrieve Job).

There are two ways to get the summary_id of a Summary Object:

  • Use the Retrieve Job endpoint to get the summary_id of the summary associated with a job. There can be numerous summaries associated with one job.
  • List all the summaries in your account using the List Summaries endpoint.

You will find a summary_id field you can use with the GET /summaries/{summary_id} endpoint to retrieve the full summary (see Retrieve Summary).

Summaries have multiple distinct types, like narrative or brief. The summary_type field in the response indicates the type of summary chosen by the user for the Summarization job.

You can check the Summary Types section for more information about the different types of summaries Wordcab is able to generate.

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