Ephemeral Data

Wordcab let you the option to delete all the data you upload to our servers by making them temporary.

Ephemeral means the data will be deleted after completing the job. This is useful if you want to ensure that your data is not stored on our servers for too long, only for the time it takes to process it.

Ephemeral data requires Webhooks to be set up.

See Webhook Portal to learn how to set them up.

To make your data ephemeral, you need to add the ephemeral_data parameter to your request, either it is a Summarization job or an Extraction job.

  "ephemeral_data": true

Retrieving Ephemeral Data

When you make your data temporary, you will not be able to retrieve it from the Wordcab API. Enabling ephemeral_data wipes all sensitive data tied to a specific job. This means you cannot retrieve the job's transcript, summary, or other data by polling the API.

However, you can still retrieve the data by using a webhook. Your webhooks will receive all processed data simultaneously when the job is completed.

What’s Next

Finally, learn how Deleting Jobs works.