Usage Stats

This page describes how to use the Stats endpoint (see Get Stats) to get information about your account's usage.

Monitoring your usage is essential to ensure you don't exceed your plan's limits. Here is my usage breakdown for the last 30 days:

  "account_email": "[email protected]",
  "plan": "free",
  "monthly_request_limit": "500",
  "request_count": 77,
  "minutes_summarized": 6,
  "transcripts_summarized": 74,
  "metered_charge": "$13.50",
  "min_created": "2022-10-17T17:42:06Z",
  "max_created": "2022-11-17T17:42:06Z"

I have specified a minimum and maximum date for the usage period. You can use the min_created and max_created parameters to select a custom date range. Here I chose one month, but you can choose any date range you like.

request_count corresponds to the number of requests I have made to the API.

The minutes_summarized is the number of minutes of audio I have summarized.

Then, transcripts_summarized is the number of transcripts I have summarized.

metered_charge is calculated based on all your successful requests during the specified period.

The monthly_request_limit is the number of requests you are allowed to make per month. If you exceed this limit, you will be charged for the overage.


Contact [email protected] if you need to increase your limit.

You can also filter the stats by Tags. They are pretty helpful for tracking usage by project or client.

More in the next section πŸ‘‡.

What’s Next

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