Wordflo Notetaker for Zoom

This page will show you how to add Wordflo to Zoom meetings.

Wordflo by Wordcab is a transcript editor that automatically detects sensitive information like PII, PHI, and PCI, and automates manual editing. Features like synched audio and text redaction, automatic ToC generation, and rich export features make it an ideal editor for sensitive use cases.

Wordflo has the ability to send a bot to your meeting in order to get a call recording. This recording is then sent to Wordflo for transcription and post-processing. This guide will show you how to add and remove the Wordflo Notetaker for your Zoom session.

You can check out this video for quick walkthrough:

Adding the Wordflo Notetaker

To add the Wordflo Notetaker to your Zoom session, login into Wordflo and on the main dashboard click New Transcript, then the Join meeting button.

This will bring up a modal that allows you to enter a name for your transcription job, and your Zoom invite URL. Fill these fields, click Join Now, and a bot will shortly join the call.

Using the Wordflo Notetaker

To start recording your call, simply admit the bot and allow it to record the session. Once the call is finished, the recording will be automatically transcribed. It's that simple!

Removing the Wordflo Notetaker

To remove the Wordflo Notetaker, you can either end the call or remove the bot from the meeting at any time. No addition steps are required.

Troubleshooting and support

If you have issues adding the Wordflo Notetaker, please reach out to our support team.