The API Hub features charts of all the requests you have made to the API. It is an excellent way to track your requests and spending over time. You can also track how many requests you have left.


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You will also have access to different API resources like your API Key, the API Documentation, the API status, and your Webhook Portal.


The API Key is a unique key that allows you to authenticate yourself to the API. It is a good practice to keep it secret and not to share it with anyone.

You can regenerate your API Key at any time by clicking on the Refresh button. This action will invalidate your previous API Key and generate a new one.

Note that you can find your API Key by clicking on your name in the top right corner and going to Account.

API Documentation

The API documentation is the best way to learn how to use the API. It is a good practice to read it before using the API. Check our Quickstart to understand primary usage.

API Status

It allows you to check the status of the API. You can check if the API is up and running or has had downtime over the last few days.

Webhook Portal

Thanks to our partner Svix, you can register your webhook endpoints and get notified when certain events happen. You can also check the status of your webhooks and the number of events received.

What’s Next

Let's start reviewing all the API concepts. We start with Jobs.