Extraction is the process of detecting essential information from a transcript. It can enhance your transcripts by furnishing them with even more details about what happened, such as the sentiment of an utterance.

Wordcab has four extraction features available to you:

  • Emotion Detection - Detects the emotion of an utterance between seven different emotions:

    • 😑anger,
    • 🀒disgust,
    • 😱fear,
    • πŸ˜‚joy,
    • 😒sadness,
    • 😯surprise,
    • and 😐neutral.
  • Topic Change Detection - Detects when the topic of an utterance changes.

  • Question/Answer Detection - Detects question-answer pairs throughout the transcript.

  • Speaker Talk Ratios - Calculates the ratio of time each speaker spoke for.

Please visit the Extracting Insights section of this documentation to learn more about each extraction feature.

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