Summary Types

When you initiate a Summarization job, you must specify the Summary type, which determines the kind of summary generated.

Narrative Summary

Narrative is Wordcab's default summary type. It will generate a detailed summary of the document in a bullet-point style.


Conversational is the perfect choice for internal meetings or sales calls. This is the best option if you don't need to get a play-by-play of the conversation.

No Speaker

It is similar to Conversational, a summary that goes straight to the essential points in a conversation without referencing the speakers.

Brief Summary

Brief is a new summary type that provides a title and a single-sentence summary for each section of transcript. It's ideally used by pairing with Context Items to get a detailed overview of the transcript.

Types Comparison

Let's compare the two types of summaries. We will use the following transcript as an example:

Summarization results:

Summary typeOutput
NarrativeSam notes that they were calling to see how much it would cost to update the map in their car. Lauren talks about how the newest version of the map is version 7.7, which is $99 plus shipping and tax. Lauren says they would recommend taking advantage of the extra $50 off before it expires.
ConversationalThe newest version of nissan's map is version 7.7, which is $99 plus shipping and tax. The price of the new map is the equivalent of getting three years worth of updates for the price of one. Lauren recommends taking advantage of the extra $50 off before it expires.
No SpeakerThe price of the new map is $99 plus shipping and tax. The current promotion includes an extra $50 off before it expires. The order will ship today and be $50 less.
BriefTitle: Sam has a 2009 Nissan Altima.
Brief Summary: The speakers discussed the price of a new map for a 2009 Nissan Altima.

You can appreciate that the Narrative type is more detailed and provides more information about the call. For example, you have extra details about "the newest version of the map".

The Conversational type is as detailed as the Narrative type but is not explicitly structured by event order. As its name suggests, it is more like a conversation between two people.

Then, the No Speaker type is concise and provides only the most crucial information. It is the most suitable for a quick overview of the call without referencing the speakers.

Finally, the Brief Summary provides an excellent overview of the transcript without diving into too many details.

What’s Next

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