Transcripts are files that contain the text of a conversation between one or more participants. They are used as input for the Wordcab API to produce summaries and extract useful information.

Any job you create will require a transcript or an audio file as input. You can upload a transcript to the API by using the /summarize or /extract endpoints.

There are many accepted formats for transcripts. You can find a list of the accepted formats in the Accepted Sources section.

Once you submit a transcript for a summary or extraction task, it will be processed and stored as a Wordcab Transcript Object in our database. This object will be used as input for the summary or extraction task.

A transcript_id will be assigned to the transcript, and you will be able to retrieve it by using the /transcripts/{id} endpoint. Check the Retrieve Transcript endpoint for more information.

There are two ways to get the transcript_id of a transcript:

  • Use the Retrieve Job endpoint to get the transcript_id of the transcript associated with a job.
  • List all the transcripts in your account using the List Transcripts endpoint.

A transcript_id can be associated with multiple jobs and also various summaries. The same Transcript Object can be used to create numerous summaries depending on the parameters you pass to the API.

Please note that once you delete a job, its associated Transcript Object will also be deleted.

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