Getting Started with Wordflo

💻 This page will help you get started with Wordflo. Review the first steps to jump in and start editing!


In order to being using Wordflo, you'll need to have a transcript file ready (supports .mp3, .m4a, .wav, .ogg, .flac), or have a Zoom link to copy and paste.

Getting Started with Wordflo

First, go to and log in by clicking on the Log In or Sign Up button.

Once entering the Dashboard, you can select the New Transcript button to upload your transcript or insert your Zoom meeting link to have the Wordflo bot join your meeting.

Uploading a file

If uploading a file, select the Import Audio button. Next, tell Wordflo what language the recording is in – its native tongue, you might say, by selecting the language of the Source file. And here's the cool part: if you want the transcript in a different language, you can choose a new Target language, and Wordflo will transform your transcript like a skilled translator.

Finally, click Upload and watch your audio file appear in your Dashboard!

Joining a Zoom.

If joining a Zoom meeting, selecting the Join meeting button in the dropdown, and enter the name of your meeting, as well as the meeting link and, then select Join Now. Inside your Zoom, you will see that the Wordflo Bot is patiently waiting in the Waiting Room. Admit the bot to join, and select Allow Recording to allow the bot to start working its magic.

After your meeting has ended, inside your Wordflo Dashboard, your meeting will appear labeled with the title you input inside the Join a Meeting pop-up. Your transcript status will change from Queued, to Transcribing, to Preparing Transcript, and lastly, Transcript Complete!

Share your transcript

With a few clicks, you can share your transcript with anyone. Just enter the email addresses of your recipients and hit Add. They'll receive an email notification with a link to access the transcript. Easy as that!

Customize your settings

Head over to the Account tab to personalize your settings.

  • Notification email: Make sure you never miss a beat by changing the email address where you receive Wordflo notifications.
  • Bot name in Zoom: Want your Wordflo Bot to have a special name in Zoom meetings? You can customize it here!

To go a step further in your Overlay options, edit your customizations in your Overlays Settings to only include the information you want to exclude!